serenity. 35mm
 An exploration of small towns and culture in Italy. All images are digital scans of 35mm film.
 mopeds. 35mm film. 
 street painter. 35mm film. 
 supplies. 35mm film. 
 smoke. 35mm.
 love. 35mm.
 solitude. 35mm.
 naptime on the steps in Sienna. 35mm.
 side streets. 35mm.
 Perugia. 35mm.
 postcards. 35mm.
 passageway. 35mm.
 early morning. 35mm.
 Tiger. 35mm.
 Sounds of Cortona, II.
 Camucia Market. 35mm.
 Siena. 35mm
 above. 35mm.
 food. 35mm.
 little bee. 35mm.
 tourists. 35mm.
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